New Rescue Dog Consultation

Puppy Dog Rescue DogFirst of all welcoming new rescue dog into your life is hard work. Consequently even the most experienced dog owner benefits from support and guidance within the first few weeks. So many soon to be rescue dog owners get in touch to book our new rescue dog consultation prior to their dog arriving. So that we can set you all up on the pathway to success.

We offer advice on what to think about before bringing a new rescue dog home because introducing your new furry member of your family to resident animals or children can be a challenge. Within the consultation we cover how to avoid problems like toilet training, lead frustration, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, jumping up and mouthing.

When you decide to extend your family by adding a canine companion you have lots of initial and ongoing financial outgoings. The last thing many people want is an expensive consultation in addition. Therefore we keep our prices as low as possible. In order to make sure our services are affordable and accessible for those that need help. Providing you with a helping and supportive hand when you need it most.

The consultation is a practical session which takes place within your home and when necessary on a walk. It lasts 90 minutes.  What happens within this consultation:

  • The whole household agrees on the rules for your new dog
  • We agree on the things you’d like your dog to do and the things you’d prefer your dog didn’t do
  • Teaching and practising any behaviours or key skills we recommend
  • A full written rescue dog report which included step by step training guides and an agreed plan to help you focus on the small actions helping you to record your achievements.
  • Phone and email support and feedback for 2 months.

We understand how important it is to provide support after the initial consultation. Which is why we offer Supplementary sessions too. Almost all people who have a  rescue dog consultation choose to also sign up for the Beginner Life Skills 6 week course too

What People Say

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

After just one session Eryn has helped us put some invaluable training in place for our 2 rescue dogs, both of whom have issues with confidence and socialisation. Not only did we learn so much in one 2 hour training session but Eryn has also provided ongoing support via email and phone, answering endless questions and providing great information to tackle all kinds of problems. Carla Humphreys

Cece & Quinn : Jackahuahuas , People and Dog Fear Aggression

Eryn has been a great help in training our dog. We saw an immediate improvement in our dog’s behaviour after taking her advice and practicing the exercises she recommended. I would highly recommend her services! Cheryl Baum

Dizzie : Rotweiller, Resource Guarding

I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing Eryn is! She has been, and continues to be, completely amazing with my dog Marni (Moo) and myself. She has a great, confident way with Marni and is getting some really amazing results with her. She is also unfailingly patient with me in my learning of how to handle Moo’s behaviour and doesn’t judge – just helps. Lou Stanley

Marni : GSD x Malamute, People and Dog Fear Aggression