Group Dog Training Options

Believe In Magic offers Dog Training Classes for all ages

Making learning accessible to all

The science of learning and animal behavior has taken away the mystery of dog training, explaining how and why positive, force free teaching methods work. These are the methods we use and enjoy showing owners how to read their dogs body language in order to work even closer with them.

We promote only kind, fair and effective evidence based training techniques. We actively encourage the use clicker training because it builds a wonderful open communication between handler and dog, building their bond, trust and confidence. We do not use methods or equipment designed to inflict physical pain, discomfort, fear or intimidation.

Group Classes for Foundation Life Skills

We have Puppy Classes for Pups under 20 weeks of age –  max of 6 pups per class focusing on skills needed in every day life

We have Beginner Classes for dogs over 20 weeks of age – max of 6 dogs per class focusing on skills needed in every day life

Progressing Your Skills Further

After completing our Life Skills Course if you want to continue you can join our Transitional Class

If you have an adolescent/teenage dog (5-18 months old) who is struggling to focus we have our Adolescent Course, even if you haven’t completed our puppy course before


Superior Training Advanced Class

Want to do more? Continue your training with us in our Superior Class

Anyone who has completed our Transitional or Adolescent course and wants too continue their training

Looking at training methods, scentwork, canine conditioning, advanced skills

Puppy Training Essential Skills Classes £140 for 6 weeks

Want to teach your puppy skills for life?   Sign up to our 6 week puppy life skills course.


Going to the Park
Dinner Time: Dogs and Humans
Visiting the Vets Inc Handling & Grooming
Friends for Coffee
Going to the Pub / Cafe
Brain Games & Being a Dog

The course lasts 6 weeks and our focus is on teaching life skills – such as self control, being calm, being able to listen and having good manners – rather than basic obedience, although you will still finish the course with a good sit / down / recall etc and the knowledge to progress them further if you wish.

    You will also get support and guidance about how to get through the first few months of puppyhood covering topics such as jumping up, puppy biting, chewing and appropriate play. With only 6 puppies in class and 2 fully qualified Canine Behaviourists teaching, as well as plenty of assistants, you really will have first-class help and support throughout the course.

    Suitable for puppies aged between 10 – 20 weeks at the start of the course.  Puppies are welcome to join the course after their first vaccination as long as your vet agrees. We welcome families to bring children along to class too, so that everyone can learn how to help your puppy grow up to be a well mannered, well socialised positive member of your family.

    You will receive a FREE clicker, Access to our Puppy Club where our Weekly handouts are shared, and a brief introduction to dog body language when you start your course.

    The next class with spaces available will be starting Tuesday 18th February 2020. Classes held at  6:15pm at St John the Evangelist Church Hall on Auckland Road, SE19.

    Book Your Puppy’s Place on the class starting Tuesday February 18th 6:15pm click here!

    Adult Beginner Essential Skills Classes £130 for 6 Weeks

    Want to teach your dog skills for life?   Sign up to our 6-week dog life skills course.

    6 WEEKS each class lasting 60 minutes each covering basic skills such as

    • sit / down (a stationary position)
    • walk with you on lead
    • come when called
    • drop items

    Your dog will also learn how to

    • settle by themselves
    • have good manners in the presence of people & dogs (PLEASE NOTE this class is not suitable for dogs who are fearful or aggressive around other dogs, please book a behavioural so we can help your individual dog improve.) 
    • be comfortable to be groomed
    • above all else be confident and trusting in their handler.
      You will also get support and guidance about how to raise a well mannered dog.

    Suitable for any puppies or dogs over 20 weeks of age at the start of the course or adult dogs who have no underlying behavioural problems and are happy working in close proximity to other dogs.

    We welcome families to bring children along to class too so that everyone can learn how to help your dog grow up to be a well mannered, well socialised positive member of your family.

    You will receive a FREE clicker, Weekly Handouts Emailed AND an introduction to Dog Body Language when you start your course.

    Classes fill up fast. The next class with spaces starts on Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 12 pm, This course will not have classes on the Bank Holiday Weekends and due to Continued Professional Development there is also an additional one week break, so please check the dates BEFORE booking. 

    To grab your dog’s place on this course click the link below to book

    Book Your Dog’s Place on the 12pm Sunday, March 22nd Class

    Adolescent Transitional Support Class

    For Dog’s aged 5 – 18 Months old & their Human’s, Group Classes £130 for 4 weeks + Intro Webinar

    Want to understand your teenage pup more? Gain more understanding and skill to support your pup through this key developmental stage? 
    Sign up to our 4-week Support course.

    Only one space left!

    FOUR WEEKS covering key skills to survive and thrive adolescence with your pup

    • Has your puppy started to duck or run away from their collar or harness
    • Are they struggling to concentrate in and out of the house
    • Has their recall and walking on a lead with you become a distant memory
    • Would you like support & guidance on how to get through this together

    We are here to help the course covers

    • Why it’s tough being a teenager, Physical & emotional adolescent needs. Why your puppy’s behaviour changes
    • We help you develop practical & proactive ways to build and maintain a calm connection with your dog.
    • Setting you all up for success in a class dedicated to teenagers
    • Building Calm Connection

    You will get support and guidance about how to go from pulling your hair out to having calm celebrations with your wayward teenager. It is a tough time for you and your dog, we are here to get you both through it and even better, embrace and enjoy this stage.

    1 Hour Webinar on Friday 18th October at 7pm before the course starts, 4 Group Classes each lasting 45 minutes. Please do not worry if you can’t make the live webinar on Sunday as we will record it and send out a video so you still receive all the information.

    Suitable for puppies aged between 5-24 months at the start of the course. We welcome families to bring children along to class too, so that everyone can support your teenage dog though this largely misunderstood stage in life. Training more, persevering, trying everything doesn’t work and causes you all more stress. We strip everything back, set realistic goals and help you celebrate you dogs magic, giving you new understanding and tools to not only survive but embrace this time with new energy and excitement.

    You will receive a Teenage Survival Toolkit when you start your course and have TWO fully certified Behaviourists and APDT instructors to guide you through the course.

    This is our NEW CLASS starting on Tuesday’s at 8:15pm Classes held at St John Evangelist Church Hall on Sylvan Road, SE19. The next set will start in January. Email for more info

    Want to do more? – Transitional Trick Training & Superior Classes £118 for 6 weeks

    Completed our Life Skills or Private course? Can your dog walk on a loose lead, reliably recall and work with you in close proximity to other dogs?

    Our Transitional and Superior Magic Classes are unique classes designed by Believe In Magic in order to support both the physical and mental needs of our canine companions.

    This class are suitable for all dogs that have completed our Puppy or Beginner Dog Life Skills class expanding your relationship and teamwork with your dog furtherWe add distractions to the walking with you on lead; we expand recalls and also teach a more reliable drop, introduce leave it and much more.  We take the training outside to help proof the work that we started inside in the Life Skills class.

    There are never more than 6 dogs in each level of class. This is a rolling course so once you have a place you can stay on for as long as you would like to, paying for 6 week classes at a time.

    You move into our Transitional Class first where we teach new skills, Tricks and expand your understanding of training concepts and how to implement them. Then can move up to the Superior class to improve your skills even further with your dog, once you are at the level of our Superior dogs. Please only book on to the Superior Class if you are already enrolled in the previous Course.

    Our next Transitional Class will commence on January 12th at 12pm for 4 weeks and the final 2 weeks of the 6 week course will be at 11am.  This will be focused on teaching how to expand your life skills and trick trainingBook on to our January 12th Transitional Class Our Superior Course is currently fully subscribed we will let people know when we have some spaces on this course again. Email to register your interest

    Location of Puppy Classes on Tuesday Evenings

    St John The Evangelist, Church Hall, Auckland Road, SE19 2RX

    Believe In Magic Puppy Class Location

    Location of Adult Classes on Sunday Mornings

    Harris Academy Upper Norwood, Spurgeon Road, SE19 3UD

    Beginner Adult & Follow On Progress Class Location

    What People Say

    Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

    Had a 1-2-1 session with Eryn when Nelson (our pug puppy) first arrived, and then took Nelson along for 6 weeks of puppy training. Nelson loved the classes, and quickly got used to being around dogs of all sizes, people and other distractions. The training really worked and the best thing was that Nelson couldn’t wait to go back! Big thank you to Eryn and her team! Alex McGovern

    Nelson : Pug, Puppy Behaviour Consultation & 6 week Puppy Class

    We had a great session with Eryn. She taught the children to be ‘doggy detectives’ and read dogs’ signals. They loved it! She was really engaging and clear, so the children really got it. I’m so relieved we can turn to Eryn for our puppy advice – it’s made getting a puppy much more manageable. Sarah Flynn

    Herbie : Italian Spinone, Puppy Behaviour Consultation & Puppy Classes

    Had an amazing 6 weeks of training. Passed our little test yesterday, then it the TV set today. Harlie was amazing! Thank you for all you help. Juliette Dean

    Harlie : Cocker Spaniel, 6 Week Puppy Class