Dog Behaviour Consultations & Packages

Are you struggling with a specific dog behaviour problem?

Is your dog showing signs of abnormal behaviours?

We are here to help you. A good relationship with your dog is priceless when this relationship breaks down and you are struggling to understand what the route of the undesired behaviour is, this is where we come in. 

Behaviour problems come in all different shapes, sizes and severity. From sound-based phobias such as fear of thunderstorms to aggressive reactions towards dogs and people, separation anxiety, soiling in the house, destructive chewing, guarding behaviours, lead frustration as well as many more challenging and established behavioural issues.

We enable you to understand the route of the problem, how to manage things in the interim and how to change the behaviour successfully. Dog’s with behaviour problems can cost you a lot in the long term, from veterinary visits, more expensive dog care, concerns over possible legal bills but more than this is the worry and stress which comes when your dog isn’t coping with things in their every day life.  We are passionate about educating dog guardians so they can confidently understand their dogs better and successfully change behaviour issues. 

What Happens?
  • A Full History is taken in advance of the consultation
  • Communication with or  a referral from your Veterinary Surgeon for a collaborative approach 
  • Detailed analysis of the history provided by you and your vet in preparation for the consultation
  • Personal consultation (2 hours) at your home and local area to include discussion about the causes and patterns of the behaviour, we agree on the steps you will need to follow in order to change the behaviour and start the training within the consultation
  • A written report summarising the issues and steps to be taken to tackle the problem (sent within 72 hours) – includes step by step handouts, infographics, links to videos, websites and other useful resources relevant for you 
  • Copy of written summary sent to your Veterinary Surgeon

Packages . . .

We have a number of packages for you to choose from to help provide the best level of support. 

We understand how important it is to provide support after the initial consultation.  

Many people are left with a report the length of a dissertation to implement their training plan alone, without any actual support. When we commit to taking on a new behavioural client we always factor in the possibility that the person and canine companion may need ongoing support and supplementary sessions, we make sure that you have a clear and achievable plan.

Working through behavioural problems can be a very lonely journey and it is one that we focus on supporting both the human and canine learners through. 

Elemental Consultation


The Initial Consultation alone, for those who are confident they can implement the plan, agreed

Transitional Magic Behaviour Package


The Initial Behaviour Consultation + 3 x 1 hour Supplementary Sessions (to be used within 2 months of initial consultation)

This package is perfect for those who would like some extra in-person support and coaching to implement the plan agreed.

2 Months Support via email to keep you motivated and achieve the goals set out 

Superior Magic Behaviour Package Our INTENSIVE Behaviour Package


The Initial Consultation + 5 Day Training x 1-hour Supplementary Sessions & 1 x Transfer Coaching Session to take place with at least one family member present.

Have your walks with your dog become too stressful? Let us take the lead to create a calmer dog in as little as two weeks!

Have a certified behaviourist come to your house multiple times a week to train your dog. Your dog gets to stay in the comforts of their own home, and you get to provide all fun things whilst we work on the more challenging aspects.

A behaviour modification plan is agreed with management and training put in place within our Initial 2-hour Consultation.  Short term and long term goals are measured and met. You will receive follow-up reports (and video when appropriate) about what we worked on that day and what you will need to do between visits. This service can work on anything from basic obedience (lead walking and recall) to dog reactivity on a lead. Guardian transition sessions are conducted at the end of each package of training.

Book the initial consultation at a time which suits you, I come to your home and we spend 2 hours going over the history of the behaviour, agreeing on a plan and implementing it within the session. We then agree when the two-week intensive training will commence and it takes place as follows : 

Week 1 – 3 x visits, 1-hour each
Week 2 – 2 x visits, 1-hour each
Week 3 – 1 x visit, 1-hour transfer session to be done with at least 1 family member

Choose a package which suits you

You can pick a package or initial consultation which suits your personal needs and choose a time which works for you too, through our online booking system.

Making it easy for you to access the expertise, help and support you need to invoke a calm canine into your home again.

What People Say

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

After just one session Eryn has helped us put some invaluable training in place for our 2 rescue dogs, both of whom have issues with confidence and socialisation. Not only did we learn so much in one 2 hour training session but Eryn has also provided ongoing support via email and phone, answering endless questions and providing great information to tackle all kinds of problems. Carla Humphreys

Cece & Quinn : Jackahuahuas , People and Dog Fear Aggression

Eryn has been a great help in training our dog. We saw an immediate improvement in our dog’s behaviour after taking her advice and practicing the exercises she recommended. I would highly recommend her services! Cheryl Baum

Dizzie : Rotweiller, Resource Guarding

I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing Eryn is! She has been, and continues to be, completely amazing with my dog Marni (Moo) and myself. She has a great, confident way with Marni and is getting some really amazing results with her. She is also unfailingly patient with me in my learning of how to handle Moo’s behaviour and doesn’t judge – just helps. Lou Stanley

Marni : GSD x Malamute, People and Dog Fear Aggression

If you would like more information on any of the services I offer or to book, please do get in touch.