Picking a puppy is not easy

Our Puppy Discovery Services

Can help find your perfect puppy partner

Puppy Discovery Services

Puppy divination £200

We get to know you and what you want from your new companion in order to suggest the right breed of puppy to suit your personality and lifestyle. 

Puppy Discovery £250

We search for suitable breeders, ensuring that those shortlisted are responsible and ethical for the best possible start in your pup’s life.

Puppy Determiner £100

We can help you work with the breeder to choose a puppy from the litter and we will check everything else is in order while we are there.

Full Puppy Discovery Service £500

Take advantage of our special offer: get all of the Puppy Discovery services together for only £500* (this is a saving of £50). Have full support and guidance from an expert, when making this huge decision.

Puppy Discovery Options

Puppy Divination


  • Virtual Video Web Based meeting with you. In which we establish everything we need to know about you and what you want  from your puppy this lasts around 45-minutes
  • Use of our expertise, prior knowledge, experience and research to match what we know about you with what we know about dogs
  • Personalised Puppy Discovery Recommendation Report, written especially for you, in which we set out your best 3 matches in detail (explaining why each would be a good match for you, based on the information you have given) and highlight other options for you to consider if you’re still not sure

Puppy Discover

  • Research of appropriate, responsible breeders of your chosen breed with regard to the following :
    • selection of parents (inbreeding coefficient, temperament, health, age, number of litters etc)
    • appropriate health screening of parents (dependent on breed)
    • early environmental influences (positive socialisation experiences, appropriate exposure to stimuli and situations – such as being left alone)
    • living environment of the puppies and their mother
    • nutrition of the puppies (and their mother)
    • puppy vaccination and flea/ worming schedule
    • the breeder’s experience and offering to you as a potential puppy owner
  • Consideration of your preferred timescales for obtaining your puppy
  • Telephone or email feedback to you to share the findings of the breeder research to help you select the right breeder for you

Puppy Determiner

Support on the big day

  • Basic visual check of the health of the puppies and mother
  • Observation of/ interaction with dam (mother) – and sire (father) if available – basic temperament check
  • Basic visual check of the puppies’ living environment (and discussion with breeder)
  • Discussion with the breeder about the litter and the individuals within it
  • Observation of the puppies and their behaviour
  • Guiding you in your choice based on the above but also taking into account your preferences and ‘gut feelings’
  • Checking the validity of what was discussed with the breeder during the Puppy Pinpoint (if you opted for this)

*Travel not included


The FULL PAckage


Take advantage of our special offer: get all of the Puppy Dicovery Services together for only £500* (this is a saving of £50). 

Saving of £50


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To book one of our Puppy Discovery Services or packages, please email us and we will get in touch to make further arrangements with you.  ​We really look forward to helping you find your perfect puppy! 



What Happens Next?

New Puppy In Home Virtual Support


The first day, first night and first week with your new puppy can feel a little overwhelming. For this reason, we have designed our virtual support system. We schedule web-based video meetings on the first day, after the first night and at the end of the first week with your puppy providing you with the key skill, support and guidance to help your puppy settle into your home. We will also source local group classes for you to consider attending to continue your education and journey.  Your package will include a report with key skills to help your puppy leanr to settle in to your life and for you to grow together.

To book our New Puppy Virtual Support Service please email us and we will get in touch to make further arrangements with you.  ​



Puppy Discovery