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Fit Bark

Most of you know we love data

So it will will come as no surprise that when a client brought FitBark to our attention we got very excited. Imagine being able to track sleep, exercise and so much more.

The all new and improved FitBark 2, was built in collaboration with 45+ veterinary schools and research institutions. They have been using the FitBark platform in clinical settings to address mobility issues, skin diseases, nutrition, cognition, vision and a wide variety of medical conditions. So imagine our delight when we were accepted on their affiliate program.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

Why do we recommend it?

We know that sleep affects behaviour, we know that exercise affects behaviour, we know that food affects behaviour, so why wouldn’t we want to be able to track these things to assist us in our training and behaviour plans? Of course we would.

Dog’s in pain don’t sleep as well and aren’t as active as you would expect. Puppies who are nipping and more boisterous generally aren’t getting the 18-20 hours of sleep they need. Healthy active dogs need more fuel on the days they have an increase in exercise, such as days out to the beach etc. There are so many ways we can use this device within your training plans and in general every day life together. We have one for each of Eryn’s dogs and will post the update on how we get on with them as the data continues to come in.

update 2nd august 2019

Lupin was castrated on July 26th 2019 and we had to keep track of his activity levels making sure he was on limited exercise, which included all toilet breaks on lead too. From his Fitbark data I could see his sleep was heavily affected dropping from his average 90%+ sleep score to 79% when the pain medication wasn’t sufficient when I was told by the emergency vet to up his pain meds on Saturday night his sleep score went back to normal 90% as shown in the two images and I have been able to keep track of his rest periods too. I am then able to let the vet know that he hasn’t been overdoing it and how he is sleeping too. Honestly, for me this is invaluable.

If you would like to grab one for your own dog click the button below.