Nose Work

Unleash your dogs Super Power
Nose One

Nose One

6-week Course

Identifying your dogs reset, coaching you to observe your unique dog’s search skills, identify and proof their default behaviour and teach an active indication.

We then go on to introduce a passive indication, proof it and trust when your dog is on a scent. Working together to build your relationship, believing in your dog’s nose and how they search.

Finally we increase difficulty gradually and enjoy the connection built so you are ready to take your searches on the road. 

Our next course starts on Tuesday 1st March at 6pm. There are only 6 places. 

Nose Two

Nose Two

6-week Course

Identify your individual dog’s drive, what lights candles for them, observing how your dog processes changes in their learning pictures and identifying what is relevant for each unique dog. 

Taking time to proof your indication, trust when they are on a scent whilst broadening your environment and increasing the difficulty through scenario based searches. 

All whilst having fun together as your connection grows even deeper. 

If you sign up for Nose One by March 1st you will get a huge 50% off Nose Two (which starts on April 19th 2022).

Scent work is excellent for enriching life of your dog, alleviating boredom, creating trust and strengthening the your bond. It can even help with many behavioural problems. Harnessing the power of the dog’s nose will open up a world of opportunities for your dog and you.

We have created three courses that will enable you to give your dog a dog-centric scent experience. We will not only teach them to work and play with scent but also how you can use nose work to support behavioural problems you may be having too.  

Dogs have around 300 million scent receptors and dogs of all ages and abilities can take part in our online classes and in-person workshops, no experience is necessary!

We run 6-week nose work classes on Tuesday evenings all from. the comfort of your own home. 

Our one day Nose Three Workshops are held in person in the New Forest.

There are only ever 6 places in each course, so grab your spot now.

Have you ever wondered how your dog experiences the world?

Here is an image showing the difference between how human’s process colour and how dog’s process colour. Crazy isn’t it?

Your dogs can’t see colour in the same way you and I can, but what they smell is a whole other story!

Dogs can detect some odours in parts per trillion. What does that mean in terms we might understand? Well, Alexandra Horowitz, a dog-cognition researcher at Barnard College, writes that while we might notice if our coffee has had a teaspoon of sugar added to it, a dog could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water, or two Olympic-sized pools worth. 

Incredible isn’t it? 

Take some time to watch how your dog processes their environment on their walks, when people visit your home or when you return to them having been out. 

Do you want to harness that natural ability into something useful?

Grab your place in one of our scent work classes!

Nose work, also known as scentwork, detection training, tracking and trailing all work on the dog using their superior olfactory system to detect and indicate.

The classes taught by Believe in Magic use the most up to date state of the art training techniques, the same practiced daily by customs and excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search & rescue dogs and medical detection dogs.

We start online, where your dog learns best and if you’d like to progress their skills further we hold nose work classes in the New Forest for our Nose Three Course as a whole day event. 

The training is fun for your dog, and so rewarding as an owner, to watch the dogs be so methodical in searching.

You will teach your dog to search the following items for initially food or a scented article and then how to show you where the item is, this is known as passive indications. 

Items searched include

  • Boxes and Luggage
  • Room interiors
  • Building exteriors
  • Vehicles