Private Classes

Lots of people have hectic busy lives, and can not always find the time to attend a set evening each week for training classes.

Teach your dog some new skills, we cover the same syllabus as the Life Skills classes for Puppies and Beginner Adult dogs within your home.

FOUR WEEKS covering the same curriculum as our group puppy and beginner classes

  • sit
  • walk with you on lead
  • come when called
  • drop items when asked and many more skills

Your dog will also learn how to

  • settle by themselves
  • have good manners in the presence of people & dogs
  • be comfortable to be groomed
  • above all else be confident and trusting in their handle

if you’d like to work on personalised specific things your dog or puppy is doing that are not mentioned within the core skills taught here then please book a New Puppy Home consultation for puppies or rescues who have been brought home in the last 4 weeks or a Behavioural consultation for more established behaviours instead.

Private Classes have the benefit of being able to speed up the training of your dog and provide mental stimulation. Book your course below or click to email for more information. i

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Supplementary Magic Class

Work on improving one new skill having completed a course