Some amazing homes designed for cats

All of us who are guardians to cats, because┬álets face it if you have an outdoor cat they need love, food and shelter we don’t own them, some adore human company and some prefer to keep to themselves exploring the great outdoors 80% of the time. Indoor cats are a whole other type of cat. However whether your cat loves spending time watching the birds through the window or climbing trees they could all benefit from some of these fantastic creations.

This house featured in HausPanther in October 2013 showed that slick modern designs can work wonderfully to create stimulating environments for our feline friends. Here are some of the great images of the featured house you can read the full article here.

HousPanther Cat House

However this video caught my attention a few months ago and it put a whole new persective on building your house around your companion animals. I just adore how every single room as has some modification done to it to make the life of their many cats engaging and stimulating for their physical and mental health.