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Dog Training Tips

Resources, Seminars, Inspiration, And Top Tips 


Dog Body Language

Learn how to read dogs accurately, understanding signs of stress and prevent dog bites

2019 Dates TBC in January


Improve Your Dog Business

Learn how to streamline your services

Save valuable time

Improve your own SEO

Relationships with other professionals

Dates TBC in January 2019

Antenatal Dog Preparation

Are you about to welcome a new baby to your family? 

This is the webinar for you, we talk through how to prepare your dog, plan for the big day, how to have your baby and dog meet for the first time and how to set them up to have a wonderful life together.

Dates TBC in January 2019


Dog Body Language

For all dog owners, walkers, vet nurses, vets, groomers, trainers, this is the course for everyone who interacts with dogs. 

Learn to identify signs of stress accurately, top tips on what to do if you do see dog’s showing anxiety and how to prevent dog bites. 

Dates for 2019 TBC in January 2019

The human half of the training program

For all professionals who want to learn more about how to retain clients, help them succeed more and in turn receive even more reviews and customers.

Dates TBC in January 2019