Online Separation Anxiety Dog Classes

These Classes are suitable for all ages and all abilities to help teach Alone Time for dogs who suffer from Separation Anxiety.

This course is a rolling course, which means you can sign up for as many sets of 4 as you like.

The next set starts in March 2022 on Saturday 5th March at 9:30am, each class is 1-hour in duration. Grab your dog’s place and sign up below. 

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This is a group class where we will walk you through progressing each of your own dog’s separation based anxieties at their level and at their pace but in a group environment where you can find support and guidance from each other as well as our expert behaviourist.

You haven’t caused it but we can help.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world many dog guardians have been given plenty of unsolicited advice about how their extra time at home will ’cause’ separation anxiety in their dogs. Many who had dogs with it already have been anxious about whether this extra time with them will make things regress. So we have designed a group class to help with these worries and make sure you are all on the same page to move forward.

As far as I know, we are the only ones offering Group Classes focusing solely on Separation Anxiety and Alone Time Training

Why have we designed the classes this way? I’ve been helping people 1-2-1 for many years with a vast variety of behavioural issues, Separation Anxiety being one of them. For my other behavioural cases, I usually end up incorporating them into group classes, whether we have initially been working on fears of people or fears of dogs. This has meant that the individuals get to continue working with us but in a group space where there are many benefits. 

Benefit 1 Excellent Value
When you hear the phrase ‘you need a behaviourist to help with your dog’s Separation Anxiety’ the first thing people think of is that this sounds like it is going to be expensive.  In many cases, this is reality. With initial Consultations costing anything from £150-£500 costs mount up quickly as many will tell you that there are no quick fixes to dealing with anxiety-related problems.

This is where Classes are a great alternative as they cost a fraction of the price of private sessions, and you don’t compromise on expert support or teaching received.

This was our response to helping more people and reducing the overall costs. Let’s face it, when your dog suffers from Separation Anxiety costs rise hugely, from dog care, veterinary medicines and much much more, so this is one area we could help reduce the costs and still provide expert behavioural plans and make sure we can help more people and their amazing dogs.

Benefit 2 Community and Accountability

When you realise you can’t leave your dog alone it becomes a huge part of both your lives. What is isolating for them is very isolating for you too. The constant thought process of who could look after your dog if you have to pop out or work or god forbid consider time away. It can cut you off from friends and family and so often people without a dog or even those with have no idea why your whole life revolves around your dog. Often you feel like you are all alone in this situation. 

By joining a Group Classes this all changes, you meet other people in similar situations to your own, you can form friendships and build a sense of community. You can connect with people who are ‘your people‘ those who celebrate the tiny minuscule wins of a few more seconds and those who are there to keep help you remain accountable when you suffer some of the inevitable regressions too. They can remind you of how far you have come and where you were aiming to get to with small achievable steps. 

Benefit 3 Regular Training = More Success
As our classes are held online this means we can run them in all weather, with the added bonus of being at the same time every week so that you always have the time to train and progress. Having a class to attend each week reminds you to practice and report back on how you are doing.
How do the Group Classes work
If you speak to any of the behaviourists who specialise in Separation Anxiety they will tell you that the vast majority is done online, where they carry out the initial consultation through video calls and any Supplementary Sessions are carried out over the telephone or via video too.

Our Group Classes are no different. You join the class via our Zoom video link. You are given the information we are covering that week, get to see and interact with the other class participants and have a great way to receive expert support each week in the company of other people, in the knowledge that they are going through it with you too.

Everyone works at their own pace, just like any other classes we run, each week we catch up and find out how you are doing and within the 4-week course we cover a different topic each week to keep your motivation and enjoyment. Yes, I did say enjoyment, it is so rewarding to be able to feedback the progress you are making to the group. 

It doesn’t matter what part of your Separation Anxiety journey you are at with your dog, Alone Time Classes are for everyone, whether you are just starting to leave your puppy alone, or have a dog who has been suffering for a long time.  Everyone will all be doing the same core training, just at different times.

What do you need to do to join?

We ask everyone to complete our full behavioural questionnaire before joining the first class

The reason for this is that some dogs will need extra support in the shape of pharmaceuticals from their vet and as such we always want to be able to provide that support to you and your dog even if we aren’t working one-to-one. By filling in the detailed form beforehand it means that if this does become necessary then we can hit the send button to get your vet on board and keep you and your dog progressing. 

It also means that if you find you’d like some subsequent one-to-one support we can offer this to the class participants without having to do the initial consultation as Supplementary Sessions. As every human is different and each dog will be at different stages of their Separation Anxiety Journey we want to make sure we have something for everyone. 

The classes are ‘Rolling 4-week Classes’ which simply means you can continue to stay in the course every 4 weeks or can have a break for 4 weeks knowing you can come back after taking time to progress your program, when or if you need more input. 

March 2022 Class