Your first day, first night & first week

Our virtual

New Puppy Services

three x One-hour video meetings with our team

Virtual New Puppy Services


We establish how to set your puppy up for returning home with you, from where to sleep, when to feed, how to introduce family and other pets


We check in with you after your first night with your puppy, helping you understand how to help your pup get enough sleep, cope with puppy toilet training, new experiences, teething, building confidence and bonding.


After your first week with your puppy, we check in with you to answer any questions you may have now you have begun to get to know your puppy more. Establish more routines, plans for going forward from habituation to socialisation and help find a local group puppy class where necessary.  

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New Puppy In Home Virtual Support


The first day, first night and first week with your new puppy can feel a little overwhelming. For this reason, we have designed our virtual support system. We schedule web-based video meetings before your first day of bringing your puppy home, after the first night and at the end of the first week with your puppy providing you with the key skills, support and guidance to help your puppy settle into your home. We will also source local group classes for you to consider attending to continue your education and journey.  Your package will include a report with key skills to help your puppy learn to settle in to your life and for you to grow together. We send out a link to join your video meeting before your first meeting to make sure all technology is working.

To book our New Puppy Virtual Support Service please email us and we will get in touch to make further arrangements with you.  ​


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