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Which Service is right for you?

We know that it can be confusing to know which service is right for you, so we have tried to make it simple. 

    • Do you have a puppy under 20 weeks of age?
      Enrol your Puppy on the most Magical Group Puppy Class in South East London, we help teach you and your puppy skills for life.
    • Have you recently brought your puppy or rescue dog home within the last few weeks?  
      A New Puppy or New Rescue Consultation is just what you need to set you all off on the right paw together, with a personalised plan.
    • Has your dog established behaviours you’d like help changing?
      Our choice of Behaviour Packages are here to help, whether you feel you’d like not just the initial 2 hours consultation but also Supplementary Sessions to really get you started on the road to recovery we have the package to fit you.
    • Is your dog able to be around other dogs within 10 meters without being overly excited or barking and you want to improve your skills?
      Why not sign up to one of our Group Classes to improve your relationship and learn some new skills together.

Dog Training & Behaviour In South East London

Evidence-Based, Positive Reinforcement, Force & Free Dog Training & Behaviour Team.

We offer:

  • Puppy Classes
  • Adult Dog Training Classes
  • Behavioural Consultations
  • Private Dog or Puppy Training Courses
  • Dog Bite Presentations Doggone Safe
  • Seminars, Webinars & Workshops


Services offered throughout South East London

Crystal Palace
South Norwood
East Dulwich
West Dulwich

West Norwood & Surrounding areas

We’ve got you covered!

Hi! I’m Eryn

I established Believe In Magic Dog Training & Behaviour in South East London in 2011, when I moved here from North London. I have been an Animal Trainer and Behaviourist since 2007. Before specialising in Dogs and Cats I was a Horse Trainer. My love for animals is deep routed however learning how to effectively transfer my skills to dog guardians so they can implement the training themselves really makes me happy. There is nothing better than seeing clients of mine helping others understand their dogs better. Educating each other on body language and understanding why behaviours are repeated. Good or bad.

Hi! I’m Merry

I joined Believe In Magic Dog Training & Behaviour in 2016, when I moved here from Devon. I have been a Dog Trainer since 2016 and Behaviourist since 2017. I love keeping up to date on current research, training developments and looking at how we can use this new information within our consultations and classes.

Clients Who Believe!

“Eryn has made us all much more confident about working with our Staffie Kassie. Eryn is so knowledgeable about dog behaviour and super encouraging. And it helps that they pretty much fell in love on the first meeting! We started with 1-1 sessions and really glad we were recommended to Eryn.” Izzy Forrester and Kassie

“Eryn and her team are just fantastic. Poppy and I have attended group classes and had some 121 sessions and I highly recommend. Eryn’s knowledge and passion shine through and she has a lovely way of communicating with both humans and dogs! We have a busy household and two young children and Eryn completely gets it and her training and behaviour management advice always factors in not just what is needed for Poppy but what is manageable and attainable for me. Eryn has helped us immensely and she is always my go to with anything pooch related. Poppy and I are both very glad we found Believe in Magic!.” Rikki and Poppy

“Eryn and her team are so dedicated to ensuring the very best for our furry friends. She has helped us feeling much more confident with our training with Murphy and made me feel much more positive about our future with our bouncy, happy, playful and energetic pup. Am so grateful for her support and calm guidance as well as no nonsense approach.” Mette and Murphy

“It takes work and dedication but I hope that Eryn and Merry have started me and my pup off on the right track. They have a kind approach to training your hound. Which I love. My dog is a delight, I just have to get my act together!.” Amanda and Waldo

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