“I believe in Magic AND Science, so I make state-of-the-art Training Techniques SUPER accessible, to help pet guardians Hocus-Pocus their Crazy Dogs into Calm Canines”


London Dog Behaviourist & Dog Training Instructor, UK

Does your dog never stop sniffing? Here are 5 games to get them to focus more on you.

Here you will find 5 FREE Nose Games to play with your dog, giving them an outlet for their natural desire to sniff and search.

Your dog’s nose can get them into trouble, now you will have 5 fun ways to play with them using their incredible ability with you instead. 

If we believe you or your dog would benefit from being seen in person after your initial consultation, we offer *blended learning options — assessed case-by-case basis, and, at our discretion, within a 5-mile radius of SE25 6RL.

* coaching in person & online

Support with your rescue 

Adopting a dog is an incredible experience. You’ve added a new family member, but often with unknown histories it can feel overwhelming. We help you make the introduction to their new new home and environment a calm and magical time, by making the transition easy.

working cocker spaniel

Help with your puppy

Have you added a puppy to your family? Even the most experienced dog owner benefits from support and guidance within the first few weeks of bringing your puppy home. State-of-the-art puppy. training made simple and effective. Our last class sold out within 48 hours!!

“Hocus-Pocusing Crazy Dogs into Calm Canines”

Dog Behaviour Problems

Are you struggling with a specific dog behaviour problem? Is your dog showing signs of abnormal behaviours? When you just want someone to take the reins and show you what to do, we are here for you. As leading dog behaviourists in London we understand that a good relationship with your dog is priceless. When this relationship breaks down and you are struggling to understand what to do, or the route of the problem, this is where we come in. From barking at people &/or dogs, aggression, anxiety, fear, excessive excitement and many other areas, we are here to help.

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Our Pillars for Our Business


In 2007 a little dog came into my life, Alfie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, by 2009 his ‘magic’ became clear. He could sniff out exactly where my mum’s muscular dystrophy was active. She would call it ‘buzzing’ and he would locate and lick the area. It blew our minds just how incredible this little dog was.

Since Alfie, all my dogs have shown incredible intuition towards health-related issues whether physical or mental. This is why the company was called ‘Believe in Magic’ as all dogs have something magical about them. 

I now know, thanks to science, that it is scent which drives these incredible beings, they can smell when we are happy, sad, sick, healthy, which is why I love incorporating aspects to improve and support emotional, cognitive and physical health in all our services we provide for dogs and their human guardians.


I adore science, data and patterns. This is how we can measure progress, find evidence and understand the physiological and psychological makeup of our animals, It is all connected. 

We should always be looking at this Venn Diagram when working or living with animals. All out Behavioural or Training work encompasses each of these aspects. 

What do we do?

State-of-the-art Dog Training Techniques

We invest tons of hours every year keeping up to date with methods, techniques and research to guarantee we are providing the most up to date techniques for you and your dog

Super Accessible Training Plans

We make sure we make dog training easy to understand for all members of your family, whether you prefer demonstrations, visual guides, videos, or more detail, we make sure it is accessible.

How we do it?

Hocus-Pocus your dog from Crazy to Calm

  1. Choose the type of learning to suit your dog, your budget and your schedule. Pick from group classes,  1-2-1 for your new puppy or rescue, self-led courses or Behavioural Support.
  2. Book your class, course or consultation online at a time which suits you to get started. It is that simple.
  3. After 13 years as a professional in the dog training industry in March of 2020, we made training your dog even more accessible and successful. If you train at home FIRST, then transfer the skills to the ‘real world’ you are FAR more successful. Instead, we have 100o’s of dogs as evidence who have learnt far quicker and more effectively than ever before in the comfort of their home and transferred the skills outside faster and more successfully.

Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

Gillian Benest

“Thank you Eryn for the superb online training session today! Having worked with you and Merry, I don’t know where Monty and I would be without you both and now even under lockdown we can have your excellent support and guidance. Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed the remote training session and found it hugely helpful seeing you demonstrate the personalised techniques with Lupin and then coaching us as we tried these with Monty. Each time we have a session we take away a deeper understanding of Monty’s behaviour, the reasons behind it and what he is communicating. I feel we have been exceptionally lucky to have found the Believe in Magic team to guide us as we go through the ups and downs of a owning a growing puppy.”

Amanda and Waldo

“It takes work and dedication but I hope that Eryn and Merry have started me and my pup off on the right track. They have a kind approach to training your hound. Which I love. My dog is a delight, I just have to get my act together! We love our weekly classes, when they shifted online we found we LOVE them even more and have requested they stay online forever!”


Mette & Murphy

“Eryn and her team are so dedicated to ensuring the very best for our furry friends. She has helped us feel much more confident with our training with Murphy and made me feel much more positive about our future with our bouncy, happy, playful and energetic pup. Am so grateful for her support and calm guidance as well as no-nonsense approach.”


Rikki - Poppy

“Eryn and her team are just fantastic. We have attended group classes and had some 1:1 sessions and I highly recommend it. Eryn’s knowledge and passion shine through, she has a lovely way of communicating with both humans and dogs! We have a busy household with two young children and Eryn completely gets it. Her training and behaviour management advice always factor in not just what is needed but attainable for me. Poppy and I are both very glad we found Believe in Magic!.”

Izzy Forrester and Kassie

“Eryn has made us all much more confident about working with our Staffie Kassie. Eryn is so knowledgeable about dog behaviour and super encouraging. And it helps that they pretty much fell in love on the first meeting! We started with 1-1 sessions and really glad we were recommended to Eryn.”